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Savings and Investments Glasgow

Personal Investment Planning

You’ve worked hard for your money, and that’s why we focus on preserving your wealth. For us, it’s about helping people achieve their financial ambitions over the medium to long-term, and that starts with a sound plan that’s specifically designed for each client and their circumstances. Contact the team for a copy of our investment philosophy.

Savings Advice

The benefits of saving and investing for the future are well known; however, with so many options available, choosing the most tax-efficient option for you and your family can be a bit daunting.

And that’s where we come in, to provide sound financial planning advice.

We also help you put in place a plan that identifies your financial goals, when you want to achieve them, and how much money you’ll need to make these aspirations a reality.

Risk management

Before investing a penny, it is essential that both the client and advisor agree on how to deal with risk. Client circumstances feature large in this discussion. However, many clients cannot communicate their attitude to risk because they have never considered it and don’t know what the risks of investing are.

Our approach is to look at risk from a practical point of view, entering into a detailed discussion with clients on the volatility of markets being a fact of life and whether or not client circumstances and risk tolerance will allow them to take advantage of volatility or not.

Either way, managing risk through understanding market history and diversifying investments across several different asset classes decreases the likelihood of bad investment experience, whatever our clients’ circumstances and risk tolerance happen to be.

Get in touch, to find out more about our financial planning service for savings and investments Glasgow.

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Director Appointment Announcement

The Financial Planning Group continues to strengthen its senior team with its two latest director promotions, Rhian Morgan and Kevin Mackenzie, who are based in our Aberdeen office.

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